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What is the Registry?

A pregnancy registry is an important program aimed at collecting medical information on women exposed to a pharmaceutical product during their pregnancy.

This registry is designed to collect information about pregnancy outcomes in women who have taken ellaOne® while they were already pregnant, or who have become pregnant after ellaOne® intake. The existence of a registry does not mean that there is a risk for you or your baby if you have taken ellaOne® while you were pregnant.

The information collected from the pregnancy registry will allow to gain more experience on exposure to ellaOne® during pregnancy. In the long-term, other pregnant women could therefore benefit from your participation through the data collected via this registry.

What is ellaOne®?

ellaOne® is a female emergency contraceptive to be taken within five days of unprotected sex or contraceptive failure (such as a tear in a condom during sex).

Should you need more information on ellaOne® or the registry, please contact your physician.

How can you participate?

If you have inadvertently taken ellaOne® during your pregnancy or have become pregnant despite having taken ellaOne® we are very interested in receiving more information about your pregnancy. Any information would strictly be handled in an anonymous manner in order to preserve your confidentiality. You can directly report information through this website or ask your physician who could do it for you. In any case, you are strongly advised to contact your physician as early as possible during your pregnancy.

If you wish to participate, you or your physician may report any medical information regarding your own health, your pregnancy and whenever necessary, your baby’s birth and health. Your participation will not generate extra doctors’ visits nor lead to you having to take any medication.

Click here to participate in the pregnancy registry

If someone you know has taken ellaOne® during her pregnancy or just before her pregnancy, we would strongly advise you to inform her about this registry.

Your participation in this registry is really important to gain more experience on pregnancies exposed to ellaOne®. Your experience could benefit other pregnant women.

HRA Pharma does not recommend the use of ellaOne® in any manner other than as described in the
Package Leaflet.