The ellaOne® Pregnancy Registry allows patients' enrollment through healthcare providers only.

This pregnancy registry is developed by HRA Pharma. It is aimed at collecting medical data about pregnancy outcomes in women exposed to ellaOne®.

If you are a patient and want to obtain general information on the Pregnancy Registry or on ellaOne®, and access to the on-line questionnaire to be filled in, please click on ‘Patient’ below.

If you are a health care provider, please click on 'Health Care Provider' below to read information on this registry and access to the on-line questionnaires to be filled in.



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HRA Pharma: Who are we?

HRA Pharma is an emerging European pharmaceutical company that designs products, devices and supporting services in the fields of reproductive health and endocrinology and makes them available to doctors and patients worldwide.

Headquartered in Paris, France with local teams based at subsidiaries in Germany (Bochum), the United Kingdom (London), Italy (Roma), Spain (Madrid) and France (Paris), HRA Pharma has forged a strong network of Research and Development, manufacturing, distribution and Non Governmental Organizations partners which enables it to satisfy critical patient needs and improve patient health in over 60 countries across the globe.